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digital radiology

Dr. DeMello has incorporated digital radiography into his office.

Digital x-rays provide sharp, clear images on a computer screen in the operatory in real time and they save dentalxrayyou up to 90% of usual radiation exposure without long waiting times. Digital radiography also eliminates the use of toxic chemicals previously needed to process conventional x-rays.

This technological development allows Dr. DeMello to show you exactly what he sees and to easily explain what steps need to be taken to correct any problem seen on the x-ray image.


For your safety, Dr. DeMello has installed a state-of-the-art sterilization system that is sterilizertotally automated to ensure complete and effective sterilization of all instruments and supplies. The office also subscribes to a testing company sterilizer monitoring service that ensures all is working perfectly.

And to be extra careful, Dr. DeMello’s office filters and monitors the incoming water lines as well making the water supply in the office even cleaner than the water you drink at home.