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Dr DeMello provides a full spectrum of cosmetic and restorative services from simple sealants for children to cosmetic zirconium porcelain fillings and full crowns with posts for endodontically treated (root canal) teeth using CEREC zirconium porcelain. This porcelain is the closest dental material to natural tooth structure. Until CEREC porcelain was developed only yellow dental gold had the closest properties to natural tooth structure and longest prognosis of all dental restorative materials. Dr. DeMello has restored more teeth with Cerec restorations than any dentist in Rhode Island.

Many patients want their teeth whitened. Dr. DeMello can whiten teeth using a 30 minute in office whitening techniques such as Ivery and Sensation which are similar to ZOOM whitening formerly seen on ABC’s Exteme Makeover. Whitening is usually done prior to dental treatment and then the doctor can replace the old darker bonded composite fillings to match the newly whitened teeth.

Any necessary restorative dental treatment is incorporated into the treatment plan of any simple, moderate, and extreme makeover cases.

fixed crown and bridge

When a natural tooth has had a root canal, has broken, or is malformed, it will require a crown. A crown is an artificial tooth, made from durable, tooth-colored materials, often porcelain, that has been fabricated to fully cover the natural tooth to protect it. Chewing function and appearance are restored, and the replacement looks and functions like a natural tooth.

Bridges are designed to replace missing teeth. Impressions are taken and plaster models are taken of your mouth, and sent to a laboratory, along with detailed instructions for the bridge design, paying strict attention to the shape, size and placement of the teeth and their relationship to the gums. The bridge often made of porcelain, and is carefully matched to your tooth color, so it looks and feels just like your own teeth. It is affixed with special adhesive that is a permanent bond.

sensitive teeth

Dr DeMello has decades of experience in treating sensitive teeth. Sensitivity is very curable. After patient and careful diagnosis in which he assesses the presence of the many causes of sensitive teeth, a treatment plan is outlined. This plan may be as simple as giving appropriate advice about oral habits and the use of common products to behavior modification. Dr. DeMello may discuss the fabrication of devices to prevent or treat nocturnal clenching and the use of over the counter or prescription rinses and tooth pastes. In more severe cases of sensitivity restorative dental treatment may be needed to correct defects in tooth structure which may be causing the sensitivity.

gum disease

Three out of four teeth that are lost are lost because of untreatable gum disease. Astounding isn’t it?

Dr. DeMello and his hygiene staff regularly take continuing education courses to keep abreast of the latest treatments for gum disease. They will design a plan to treat and/or maintain your periodontal health as well as the health of your teeth.

Dr. DeMello works closely with several periodontal specialists in the Lincoln, Rhode Island area who provide an array of periodontal therapies from covering the roots of teeth that have extreme gum recession to the latest laser therapy.

Laser therapy prevents, and treats many periodontal problems which were until laser therapy only treatable with open surgery, stitches, and cumbersome foul tasting dressings. THis speeds healing and allows you to be more comfortable after periodontal treatment.

Once gum disease is successfully treated Dr DeMello and his hygiene staff will design a maintenance program to prevent re-occurrence.
Your periodontal diagnosis and treatment plan will be designed in coordination with your overall dental diagnosis and treatment plan whether its a simple maintenance plan to an extreme makeover.


Dr. DeMello prepares the teeth prior to placement of dental sealants for children unlike many other dental practices. He does not allow sealants to be simply bonded.

Although he feels his hygienists are capable of tooth preparation to receive sealants, they are not allowed to do so under current Rhode Island Law. Dr. DeMello designs and prepares every simple sealant. This has been shown to give maximum retention because sealants and simple fillings which depend solely on bonding placed in unprepared teeth fall out more frequently. Sealants and fillings in prepared teeth do not fall out.


Clenching and grinding your teeth at night is common. It is also destructive to the teeth, injurious to the muscles and Tempormandibular Joint (TMJ), and is a source of sensitivity in teeth. Dr. DeMello will design and construct comfortable devices commonly known as night guards to prevent the effects of nocturnal clenching and bruxism(grinding).

Though sports guards are commonly used in football, hockey, and field hockey, we see more injuries from basketball, soccer, baseball, and volleyball. The office will construct custom sports guards to prevent the debilitating injuries to the teeth for all sports.