one visit custom implant abutments

//one visit custom implant abutments
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serec abutments-1With the release of Chairside software version 4.2 last year, dentists now have the opportunity to create custom implant abutments and crowns in-office. The design work in the software is relatively simple. In 4.2 all three crowns were proposed simultaneously. The crowns are initially designed full contour with the same goals of proper position, form, occlusion, and interproximal contacts as with traditional crowns.

Once the crowns are designed, the next few steps are unique to implant crown design. It is important in the design to create proper emergence profile as well as closing all gingival embrasures. With the designs complete, the crowns are then split into custom abutment and crown (veneering structure). The abutments were designed with attention given to proper margin position relative to the gingiva as well as allowing for proper material thickness.