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Full or partial dentures can be part of any cosmetic makeover when many teeth are missing. Although dental implants can often be used to restore missing teeth, there are special situations where a patient prefers to have teeth replaced with removable appliances.

To make sure that you have the most esthetic and most functional removable restoration possible, Dr. DeMello chooses, sets, aligns and articulates the teeth in complete and partial dentures. Once you have approved the final set up, bite and appearance of the dentures, Dr. DeMello will send the dentures for processing to a licensed local laboratory that has been in business for two generations and keeps current with the latest in materials and technology. The laboratory processes the denture teeth into a lifelike acrylic that mimics the appearance of natural gum tissue.

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Even patients who have lost many natural teeth are demanding whiter teeth!

Many times Dr. DeMello will perfom whitening procedures on any remaining natural teeth prior to making dentures so that whiter teeth can be used in the final denture for a more cosmetic result.