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Teeth Whitening Cumberland RI – Call Dr. DeMello serving Cumberland RI Today to setup an appointment to enhance your smile with Teeth Whitening!

Why wait?
If you have discolored or stained teeth, Dr. DeMello can illuminate your smile in about 30 minutes with Iveri or Sensation Whitening. This bleaching process gets rid of stains caused by smoking, aging, coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, colas, and the use of certain antibiotics or excessive fluoridation.

cover3This is similar to the ZOOM technique that was featured on ABC TV’s Extreme Makeover show by its inventor Dr. Bill Dorfman with whom Dr. DeMello studied. The new Sensation technique uses light activated gel in which the active ingredient is Hydrogen Peroxide. All of the soft tissue around the mouth must be protected, and Dr. DeMello’s staff always monitors the process.  The technique can be used on everyone and is exceptionally good for people with sensitive teeth or periodontal recession.

After the in-office portion of the treatment, you will receive a bleaching tray and an applicator of whitening gel for use at home. You can get up to 4 touch-up applications per applicator, which will help you to maintain beautiful white teeth. Maintenance applications are usually needed every two months, depending on the individual and consumption of staining foods and beverages.

Dr. DeMello has also provided custom trays for at home whitening since 1995. Custom trays are used for overnight whitening in the comfort of your own home.

We can give you a Hollywood Smile with 1-hour Teeth Whitening in Cumberland RI!

A smile is the first and certainly the most significant impression you make on people. Do you need teeth whitening to make a brighter impression?

Some smiles, however, are less than perfect. Dark, stained teeth, gaps between teeth, missing teeth, and unaesthetic crowns and fillings can dull the impact of your smile. Knowing that a less than perfect smile can affect the way you feel about yourself and alter your self-confidence, Dr. DeMello offers a wide range of cosmetic services to enhance the warmth and brightness of your smile.

We serve Cumberland Rhode Island Teeth Whitening needs. Review our teeth whitening options:

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About Dr. John DeMello

Dr DeMello grew up in Lincoln and graduated from Lincoln High School, achieved his B. A. from  Boston
dentist_cumberlandUniversity, and a Master of Arts degree in Experimental Biology at Boston University doing bone marrow stem cell research where he co-authored six studies on bone marrow stem cell transplantation that were published in scientific research journals.

He graduated from the School of Dentistry at Georgetown University in 1981 where he achieved his DDS and has practiced dentistry in Lincoln ever since.  He is an active member of the American Dental Association, the Rhode Island Dental Association having served on the Peer Review Committee, the Children’s Dental Health Committee, Access to Dental Health Committee, and the Legislation Committee.  He is a past president of the Pawtucket Dental Society and served on the RI State Governors Committee to Reorganize Medical Assistance in 1992. He has had over 1,000 hours of post graduate continuing education.

Dr. DeMello has lectured on the topic of one visit porcelain crowns and tutors new CEREC CAD/Cam users.

He has been married to Paula since 1982 and has been an involved parent to Laura, Matt, and Joel, his three children who have achieved state wide recognition in sports, music, and theater.  Over the years he coached little league baseball, basketball, and soccer.

He was a volunteer in Operation Clean Government and was elected to the Lincoln Town Council, the Lincoln Zoning Board, two Town Charter Review Commissions, and Chairman of the Lincoln Democratic District Committee for three terms.

He enjoyed skiing and windsurfing for many years.  He enjoys sailing, fishing, motor boating, has ridden motorcycles since he was 18, and played the guitar since he was 12.