What is a root canal and what’s wrong with mine?

//What is a root canal and what’s wrong with mine?

What is a root canal and what’s wrong with mine?

While you might not think of a tooth as a living part of your body, it is. Each living tooth has a blood supply and a nerve.  The root canal is the tube that the nerve and blood supply pass through. Sometimes, often through a failed filling, infection enters the tooth and affects the nerve, causing a great deal of dental pain. This will not usually resolve on its own, and likely needs to be treated with a root canal procedure.

The root canal procedure.

During a root canal, after appropriate anesthesia has been administered, Dr. DeMello will drill into the top of the tooth, as he would for a filling, or restoration. Then, using a sophisticated, computerized technique, he will clean the entire root canal. Then, the canal is filled with a computer-controlled and heated material, that not only fills the main canal, but the tiny canals leading off of it. In previous times, it was often these tiny canals that caused failure of root canal procedures.

In the past, root canals were performed using slow and loud hand instruments. Today’s technology allows Dr. DeMello to complete this part of the procedure much more comfortably and in much less time. Many patients are surprised at how quick and comfortable the procedure is.

Dr. DeMello offers root canals and all of his other dental services in our office, conveniently located in Lincoln, Rhode Island. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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